Welcome to New Jersey Furniture Repair and Refinishing!

Welcome to Steven P. Izzo, Inc., a full-service furniture repair and restoration company located in Fairfield, New Jersey.  We offer a broad range of furniture repair, restoration, and re-upholstery services.  A family owned business for over 60 years. As qualified professionals, we can offer you recommendations as to what constitutes honest and acceptable repairs and restoration.

Assuring the stability, and preserving the appearance will maintain the integrity of your furniture, and preserve the family history of ownership. Our standards of furniture restoration craftsmanship “As it should be done” will assist and guide you in meeting the needs of your valuable furniture.

What Services?

We cater for a variety of furniture repairs including; antique restoration, refinishes, caning and rushing, glass tops and mirrors, and custom repairs.

Contact us so we may advise you as to the proper repair, restoration, or reupholstery of your furniture.